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Join us in our mission to understand and preserve Wake County history, celebrating 60 years in 2017!

The Wake County Historical Society was organized in 1957. The mission of the society is to preserve the history of Wake County and to educate the public about the important events that occurred in Wake and surrounding counties. The society offers interesting programs, tours, trips, social events, an annual meeting, and a newsletter. Its projects have helped to preserve and/or restore many historic aspects of Wake County. If one appreciates the past, he or she will be better able to understand the present and influence the future.

The society invites you to join in its quest to understand local history and to help preserve it.

Need research assistance? Our experienced researchers can provide research assistance located here in the county for $30 per hour. Half of your payment is a tax-deductible (to the extent allowed by law) donation to the Society. The other half compensates the researcher. Send an email to for more information.

Awards WCHS won the 1986 Albert Ray Newsome Award of the Federation of NC Historical Societies for Outstanding Programs of Historical Activity.

In 2013, WCHS again won the Albert Ray Newsome Award of the Federation of NC Historical Societies for its work in the restoration of the tombstone of Rachel Blythe Bauer in historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh.

In 2002, WCHS won the Anthemion Award presented by Capital Area Preservation in recognition of outstanding dedication and commitment to excellence in historic preservation in Wake County, NC. WCHS shared the honor with the State of NC and the L.L. Polk Foundation, Inc.